How To Raise A Reader 
Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Reading is a fundamental skill that has a profound impact on our lives, and it begins at an early age. When you read aloud to a child, you open the doors to new worlds, new perspectives and new opportunities to grow. We believe every child deserves to experience the benefits reading brings.  

Learning to read is a vital part of learning in general. It triggers brain development, enhances cognitive skills and builds self-confidence. 

It’s easy to take our ability to read for granted but it didn’t just happen; it took effort, practice and someone who took the time to teach us.

What you'll find in the 'How to Raise a Reader' Guide:

  • Tips for sharing the joy of reading with a child
  • Learn how to make every moment count as you build your child's love of literacy
  • Practice the 3T's and 4P's of Raising a Reader
  • Learn the balance of "screen time" and the importance of reading rituals and habits
"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents."